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Privacy policy in web site

We Togawa Industry corporation (hereinafter called our company) established a "Privacy Policy in web site" and responsible for the operation of this web site.
This Privacy Policy is intended in this web site, it was determined personal information about what is collected, use and management in any policy.
In order to use with confidence to our customers this web site, we should comply with laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, will be thorough in-house appropriate collection, use, and manage.
Stated in this Privacy Policy as "personal information" means information that can identify a specific individual in the name, address, phone number · E-mail address, etc..

Provision and use of personal information

The personal information we collect from you, never use only to the extent that you have the consent, disclose to any third party without consent, to provide.
However, if there is a legitimate request from the agency that has the authority in compliance with court, police, in these consumer or center, we will disclose information in response to this.
Also if you want to outsource data processing and outsourcing the handling of personal information for the purpose within the customer and must be agreed.
With these companies, and the decided to take to keep in secret your personal information, as well as prohibit the use of personal information in the service provider other than to prevent security breaches.

Collection of personal information

We will collect your personal information in the following cases in this website.
 ・Answers to various inquiries from customers.

If we need to contact with the customer to provide the services and our products and answers to various inquiries from customers occurs, we can use the personal information.
If we need to be beyond the scope of the above-mentioned purposes, use your personal information has occurred, as well as announces the availability of purpose again, we will confirm your consent.
You may I have you considering new purposes, have you refuse to use.

Disclosure of personal information, correction, about removing

If you would like disclosure of personal information you have you provided, correct, delete, please contact us by phone or email below.
As soon as we can see that your claim is due to purchaser who will respond.

About access log

In this web site, in order to realize the provision of better service, we have recorded as access log information of people who have this access.
The information recorded, IP address of the person that was accessed, date and time of access, etc. may include, but is not including personally identifiable information.

About links

The Internet site of the third party to link from this web site, about the handling of the personal information that the viewer has to offer, we can not assume the responsibility at all. Please see the provisions regarding the handling of personal information in each link.

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